Top 10 Gray Hat SEO Techniques Rank Quickly In 2022

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Assuming you’re someone who’s searching for different ways of expanding search engine traffic, attempt the Gray Hat SEO techniques mentioned in this post.

So first we should discuss what is gray hat SEO and what are the best SEO practices that you can implement on your site to soar your search traffic.

We frequently talk about fundamental SEO tips and techniques here at searchenginesam. Do you have at least some idea why? We realize SEO works. It has exactly the intended effect and gives awesome outcomes whenever done right.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Assuming you’re into SEO for some time, you may as of now be very much aware of various kinds of SEO which are for the most part:

  • White Hat SEO (Manages Great SEO Practices That Submit To Google Rules)
  • Black Hat SEO (Manages Revolting SEO Practices That May Get Your Site Punished)
  • Gray Hat SEO (It’s A Combination Of The Over Two)

Once you begin getting great outcomes with white hat SEO, you should attempt some edgeplay techniques to support your SEO results actually rapidly. Here’s the place where gray hat SEO becomes an integral factor.

Gray hat SEO primarily manages questionable techniques that some of them one day could become black hat. You can consider these somewhat dangerous however they give you gigantic outcomes assuming you practice them right.

You can consider these techniques as “questionable techniques that really don’t affront your website guests however bring about the ideal result”. So there’s nothing out of sorts in giving them a shot particularly when you’re searching for frantic ways of developing your search engine traffic.

So with next to no ado, we should discuss the top 10 techniques that you can use on your site to develop search traffic.

Top 10 Gray Hat SEO Techniques You Can Try in 2022

Top 10 Gray Hat SEO Techniques to Quickly Rank Your Website In Google 2022

1. Domain grabbing

One of the generally utilized techniques is purchasing terminated domains (otherwise called area getting) which actually has exactly the intended effect whenever done cautiously.

What is domain grabbing?

In straightforward terms, purchasing domains to expand your own website’s SEO is known as domain snatching. Area snatching is the same old thing. Purchasing lapsed domains to further develop your website’s backlink profile is one of the most utilized SEO techniques by a many individuals around the world.

domain grabbing can be of two types.

  • Purchasing Expired Domains
  • Purchasing New Domains

The first is generally well known in light of the fact that you can purchase authority terminated domain names which as of now has a decent backlink profile along with some reliability. At the point when you purchase those terminated area names to link back to your blog posts or landing page, you’ll get a lift in your search engine rankings.

In spite of the fact that it’s not prescribed to purchase a ton of lapsed domains just to expand your website’s SEO. Yet, by purchasing profoundly applicable and extraordinary backlink profile lapsed domain names from time to time can assist you with expanding your website’s rankings on search engines like Google.

Prior to purchasing terminated domains to build your website’s rankings, the following are not many imperative things that you want to recollect.

Discover the DA of domain: DA (Domain Authority) of an area is a decent metric which was created by Moz group. DA effectively assists you with discovering the prominence of an area. Assuming it is great (anything over 30), you can consider the domain backlink profile is great and you can ponder purchasing that terminated area.

Check for any toxic links: You never know what sort of backlinks that a terminated area has. Assuming it is completely loaded up with harmful links or broken links, there’s no utilization of getting it for the SEO purposes. So try to utilize apparatuses like Semrush, Ahrefs and so forth to find the domain backlink sources.

So how would you find and purchase lapsed domains to help your website’s SEO?

Here are a portion of the accommodating ways to track down extraordinary lapsed domains to expand your website’s SEO.

Observe domains that are basically of 3 years of age: One of the easiest ways of observing significant link commendable terminated domains is to discover their age. Assuming they are enlisted for more than 3 years, that’ll emphatically affect search engines when contrasted with as of late purchased and terminated domains. You can involve WhoIs Domain query for observing the domain age and other information of any lapsed area.

Clean backlink profile: Always make a point to invest energy on finding the backlink profile of terminated domains as a large portion of them have chaotic backlink profiles which are either malicious or totally insignificant to the context of the area you’re searching for. There are such countless instruments accessible out there to investigate the backlink profile of an area which incorporate Semrush, Serpstat, Ahrefs, Monitor Backlinks and so on

Keep away from toxic links fabricated domains: There are such countless terminated domains which consist of harmful backlink anchor texts which for the most part contain chinese, russian or other unknown dialect texts which are pointless for your website’s SEO. So stay away from them assuming that you’re hoping to purchase great SEO esteem terminated domains.

Use Internet Archive: Wayback Machine which is otherwise called Internet Archive consists of more than 300 billion web pages history on the web which is truly useful for you to painstakingly dissect any area that you need to purchase.

Alluding domains between 50 to 100: Make sure to purchase those lapsed domains which as of now have alluding domains more than 50. That ensures that you’re purchasing a lapsed area which as of now has links from north of 50 unique sites on the web.

Speedy tip: Here are not many top spots to observe lapsed domains where you will track down a rundown of not many of the best commercial centers to find and purchase incredible terminated area names.

Make 301 redirect

Once you’re done with the research of tracking down incredible lapsed domains, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to redirect every one of the purchased domains to your essential website.

Here’s the place where you really want to utilize 301 redirect. So what is it?

301 redirect is a redirection cycle where a page is for all time moved to another location, for example, web page or website. It directs the search engines like Google to redirect clients to another page location. In particular, it passes 90% of link juice to the redirected page which makes it extraordinary for purchasing lapsed domains to build your website’s SEO.

Here’s a great illustration by Moz team about 301 redirects.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques 301 redirection

The above illustration clarifies that serving a 301 redirect shows to search engine bots that the page has moved forever. Search engines perceive this to imply that has the page changed location, however that the content can be found at the new URL.

You can just utilize a 301 redirect plugin (free WordPress plugin) to redirect all your bought lapsed domains to your essential website or web page where you need to expand your link authority or backlink profile.

Web 2.0 likewise goes under gray hat SEO techniques since clients can create, change and alter the content utilizing Web 2.0 catalogs, submission sites, discussions and so forth So we should now discuss what is everything about and how you can utilize web 2.0 for SEO and building links.

What is web 2.0?

Web 1.0 (the original of online) utilized chiefly static pages where clients have no control over the information online. Web 2.0 (the second generation) is what generally consists of dynamic information where clients can make changes to the content to make it significantly more better.

For instance, you can alter Wikipedia pages on the off chance that you observe something misdirecting on a page where you’ve better information. That goes under web 2.0 in light of the fact that you’ve the capacity to change the content.

Here is an extraordinary illustration between web 1.0 versus web 2.0 so you can without much of a stretch comprehend the contrast between the two of them.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques web 2.0

What are the advantages of Web 2.0?

Since all of the web 2.0 permits client created content, it has the accompanying recognizable advantages.

  • Link Benefits: Obviously Individuals Use Web 2.0 Principally For Building Links. Albeit The Greater Part Of The Links That You Get From Web 2.0 Are Nofollow Yet At The Same Time They Are Significant Considering The Way That You Really Want Enhanced Links While Developing Your Backlink Profile As You Can’t Only Form Dofollow Links. What’s More There Are Not Many Sites And Blog Catalogs From Web 2.0 That Give You Potential Dofollow Links Too Which Are Extraordinary For Expanding Your Website’s SEO And Rankings.
  • Quality Traffic: Most Client Created Stages Send You Qualified Guests To Your Website Which Is Truly Extraordinary For Expanding Your General Website Conversion Rates. So Try To Invest Energy On The Stages Where Most Clients Are Dynamic (For Instance, Stages Like Quora Where You Can Likewise Add Links To Your Content).

Web 2.0 sites work better when you’re zeroing in on expanding your client commitment rather than exclusively zeroing in on getting traffic. So attempt to remain dynamic in web 2.0 stages, for example, Quora, Medium or other social systems administration sites rather than simply advancing your posts for more traffic or SEO benefits.

3. Increase your average content length of old content

Have you at any point composed long type of articles with in excess of 3000 words? We do that a ton here at searchenginesam and one of the most lengthiest articles on our blog consists of more than 10,000 words which is around top partner programs for 2022.

A great many people don’t realize that extended content works best when it comes about getting additional traffic from search engines. Assuming you’re in a serious industry and making 1000 word blog posts, begin making 2000+ word blog posts for a little while and you’ll realize the reason why long type of content works incredible.

Indeed, making 2000 word articles appear to be a ton of work yet they work like appeal.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques word counting

Updating your blog posts with extra content material is among the finest techniques you can implement to develop your organic visitors.

Lengthy type of content material has the next advantages.

  • You Possibly Can Attain Out To Different Bloggers To Advertise Your Content Material (Who Doesn’t Like To Advertise An In-Depth Article?)
  • You Possibly Can Entice Extra Backlinks
  • You’re Going To Get Extra Social Shares For Longer Articles
  • You’ll Positively See A Progress In Your Search Engine organic Visitors

So how will you enhance your common content material size of your posts? Listed below are few ideas that work nice.

Know your why

Earlier than you begin to consider increasing your current blog posts to extend your search engine visitors, be certain to know your objectives. Why do you need to make it detailed? Would you like extra subscribers, leads, gross sales? Or do you need to simply get extra guests from search engines like google and yahoo?

Realizing your objectives is step one to content material advertising success. Additionally work out who the content material is for and what objectives you’re making an attempt to attain as soon as your content material will get up to date. That means you possibly can simply observe your outcomes.

Matter comes first earlier than something

Discover out the matters which are appropriate in your audience. One of the best ways to get began is to start out working in your prime 10 posts which are bringing you most organic visitors from search engines like google and yahoo. Go to Google analytics to seek out out your prime posts and begin engaged on them by rising their common content material size.

Because the prime posts are already bringing you site visitors, updating them with extra data, keywords and pictures can entice much more search engine visitors.

Analysis and outlining is all the pieces

We’ve been writing lengthy type of content material on this blog for an extended very long time now and we all know one factor for positive for creating nice lengthy type of content material and that’s analysis is all the pieces. If you’re spending high quality time in analysis you’ll undoubtedly discover out plenty of subjects to cowl inside your content material together with the references you should use for creating nice content material.

So ensure to spend so much of time doing analysis in your posts earlier than you even begin writing. Whereas researching additionally ensure to stipulate your blog posts. You should use Google Docs for outlining your content material, ensure to incorporate plenty of sub headings utilizing H2 and H3 tags so you’ll be able to simply increase your contact in such a manner you can simply create 2000+ word articles.

4. The utilization of PBN

There’s an enormous debate goes on at any time when somebody talks about PBN. So let’s speak concerning the utilization of PBN to see if you should use it for efficient link building and growing your web site’s SEO.

What’s PBN?

PBN is the abbreviation for Personal blog Community which was one of many well-liked link building techniques. With the introduction of Google Penguin replace, the general public stopped utilizing PBN.

Right here’s an incredible podcast about PBN by SEO knowledgeable Neil Patel.

Is PBN a black hat SEO approach or grey hat search SEO?

In the event you’re building a Personal blog Community (PBN) solely utilizing duplicate content material and irrelevant backlinks, then it’s certainly a black hat SEO approach however when you’re creating good content material which is related to the matters you wish to rank for, then you definitely’re doing it proper and it falls beneath grey hat SEO.

So the way to create and use PBN for efficient SEO?

There are mainly two techniques of utilizing PBN for backlinks and SEO.

  • The Primary One Is Taking Assist From Different Personal Running A Blog Networks The Place It Is Advisable Pay Cash For The Links To Your Web Site. Most Of Them Are Dangerous And There Are Solely Only A Few PBN Networks That Supply Extremely Related And Helpful Links Which Enhance Your SEO.
  • The Opposite Means Is To Build Your Individual Public Blog Community. That Is Actually Secure But It Surely Takes Time And Efforts Out Of Your Finish. In The Event You’re After Building An Authority Web Site By Gaining Access To A High Quality PBN, Then Do That Technique Is For You.

Listed below are few ideas if you wish to build your individual PBN.

  • Discover Nice Expired Domains With Good DA And Backlink Profile So You Can Begin Creating Single Web Page Web Sites That Are Related To Your Major Web Site’s Content Material.
  • By No Means Automate Your Content Material Creation Course Of. As A Substitute Create A Single Web Page Web Site With Extremely Helpful And Related Content Material.
  • Ensure That To Make Use Of Link Building Techniques Reminiscent Of Damaged Linking Technique, Visitor Posting, Blogger Outreach And So On To Start Out Attracting Extra Links To Your PBN Websites In Order That They May Turn Out To Be Useful SEO Property For You In The Long Term.

5. “Cautious keyword stuffing”: Discover the proper keyword density

Everybody is aware of keyword stuffing is a BAD SEO observe. However what if we are saying, cautious keyword stuffing is nice for growing your natural visitors and search engine rankings?

Sure, keyword stuffing is dangerous and it’s best to completely keep away from all of it prices however if you’re sustaining the proper keyword density, then you possibly can reap the most effective outcomes out of your keyword optimization.

For instance, when you’re writing a 1000 phrase article, use your major keyword not less than 3 to 4 occasions to extend its natural rankings. Ensure that to make use of your major keyword in following locations;

  • Title Tag
  • Picture Alt Tag
  • H2 And H3 Tags
  • URL
  • Starting And Ending Of Your Content Material

We extremely suggest you to start out utilizing an incredible optimization plugin like Yoast SEO which affords wonderful options to simply optimize your content material on your desired keywords.

So what’s the proper keyword density anyway?

keyword density is just the proportion of what number of occasions a keyword seem on an online web page. A very good keyword density is 1% which implies the keyword you are attempting to rank for seems not less than as soon as in each 100 phrases you write.

Meaning, 1% keyword density comprises 10 keywords for each 1000 phrase article.

However if you wish to be on the safer aspect, make sure that to maintain your keyword density round 0.5% which implies it seems solely 5 occasions in a 1000 phrase article. That means you possibly can simply insert your major keyword with out hurting your content material high quality or readership.

Additionally we extremely suggest you to find LSI keywords which can be extremely related to the first keyword that you just wish to rank for. That means, with out keyword stuffing, you possibly can nonetheless get larger search rankings on Google through the use of quite a lot of extremely related keywords.

Professional tip: Don’t use any software or plugin to measure your keyword density. Let your keywords naturally move inside your content material in order for you higher search rankings with out affecting your readership.

6. Begin utilizing social bookmarking websites

Doing excessing submission of your web site links (new posts, previous posts, different blog pages of your web site) on social bookmarking sites falls beneath grey hat SEO however you possibly can keep secure by limiting your variety of submissions to 1 or 2.

Meaning when you’re submitting your newest posts or every other posts simply as soon as throughout all of the social bookmarking websites, it won’t hurt or harm your search rankings. The truth is, it provides some little enhance in your search rankings as you’ll be getting respectable visitors if achieved proper.

Listed below are few of the most important social bookmarking websites the place you possibly can safely submit your newest blog posts to get extra links (though most of them are of nofollow however they nonetheless add worth to your web site’s SEO).

  • Stumbleupon
  • Digg
  • Folkd
  • Inbound
  • Scoop.It
  • Slashdot
  • Scrumptious

Right here’s an incredible case examine achieved by Search Engine Journal concerning the high 3 social bookmarking websites.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques sej data

From the above case examine, you possibly can conclude that StumbleUpon tops the checklist of social bookmarking websites adopted by Digg and Inbound. So make sure that to not less than join these 3 websites and they’re fully free to affix.

Listed below are few issues it is advisable keep in mind whereas doing social bookmarking submission.

1. Engagement issues

Social bookmarking works higher once you give attention to building engagement with different bloggers in your business. Sadly most bloggers use social bookmarking websites solely to advertise their newest posts with out truly spending a minute on sharing or studying others content material.

How will you count on higher SEO outcomes once you solely utilizing social bookmarking websites for self-promotion? So make sure that to go straightforward with social bookmarking websites and begin participating with different bloggers by way of them.

2. Discover and use extremely related websites

There are few platforms which can be utilized by 1000’s of bloggers each day the place they not solely promote their content material but in addition share and promote every others content material. That’s what it’s best to search for whereas becoming a member of a social bookmarking web site to advertise your web site for higher SEO, visitors and publicity.

Listed below are few of such platforms the place you possibly can promote your web site for optimum publicity.

  • Inbound.Org: That Is Primarily For These Individuals Who Talks About Advertising, SEO, Running A Blog Associated Matters. In The Event You’re Operating A Advertising Associated Web Site, That Is Only For You The Place You Will Discover 1000’S Of Potential Bloggers To Attach, Interact And Promote Your Web Site.
  • Blog Engage: That Is What We One Thing We Use Nearly Day By Day For Promotion And To Have Interaction With Different Bloggers. There Are Millions Of Energetic Bloggers Throughout All Of The Industries Use And Promote Their Content Material Utilizing Blog Have Interaction.
  • Biz Sugar: One Other High Notch Social Bookmarking Web Site You Should Use To Advertise Your Blog For Getting Links, Publicity And Visitors To Your Websites. That Is Additionally Utilized By A Ton Of Bloggers And Entrepreneurs Worldwide So You Possibly Can Join With Them To Build Relationships.

3. Use distinctive titles and outline

One of the vital widespread errors many individuals make whereas selling their content material on social bookmarking websites is that they use the identical headings and meta description.

What’s the purpose of making duplicate content material with the identical headings and meta description when you’re selling throughout varied social bookmarking websites? It results in duplicate content material which could get your web site penalized by Google ultimately.

So make sure that to create distinctive headings and outline whereas selling your content material on social bookmarking websites.

Once more, most individuals suppose that link exchange comes beneath black hat SEO approach but it surely’s not. It falls beneath grey hat SEO and allow us to clarify you a bit about it.

  • Computerized Link Exchanging Falls Beneath Black Hat SEO Approach Whereas
  • Exchanging Links Manually Belongs To Grey Hat SEO

So what’s link change anyway?

Exchanging links with different web sites or blog is called link Exchange which is NOT a white hat SEO approach which principally comes beneath grey hat SEO. Many individuals keep away from it for the sake of NOT getting penalised by Google.

How one can change links with out getting penalized by Google?

If achieved proper, you should use link exchanges to rigorously build backlinks from quite a lot of sources. Listed below are few ideas which you can take note to securely carry out link exchanges with out getting penalised.

build a small tribe

You may build an inventory of all of the related blogs in your business after which begin contacting every blogger to advertise every others content material. You too can create a Fb group the place you possibly can carry out mutual blog commenting, sharing links, and linking out to one another at any time when somebody finds one thing attention-grabbing to their audience.

You don’t want an enormous checklist of individuals to build a tribe as you could find 10 to twenty bloggers in your business to kind a bunch on Fb then begin serving to one another out by sharing, linking and commenting one another’s stuff often.

link out to different bloggers often

Probably the greatest techniques to draw links from different web sites is tolink out to different web sites often out of your content material. Everytime you link to every other web site, make sure that to attach with them by way of social media websites or electronic mail in order that they may know that you’re serving to them by Linking.

If you’re doing it often it’s also possible to typically ask them for a retweet or a link again to your content material.

In the event that they actually discover your content material attention-grabbing and useful, they may positively reciprocate the identical and link again to a content material as effectively. You too can learn extra about how to do blogger outreach for getting links from different websites.

8. Submit your web site to net directories

There are a ton of net directories out there on the web that you should use to get top quality and related backlinks to your web site at no cost.

So what’s net listing submission?

Listing submission is the method of itemizing your web site on varied directories beneath a specified class in an effort to build backlinks to your web site.

Though there are a ton of ineffective net listing submission websites which it’s best to keep away from however when you do cautious analysis, you will discover a loads of helpful net directories that you should use to extend your web site’s SEO.

Here’s a list of few of the best web directories the place you possibly can submit your web site to draw extra backlinks.

Now we have created a list of blog submissions sites as effectively which have a domain authority (DA) of over 40. So make sure that to make use of that checklist to join free and begin selling your newest blog posts for higher SEO.

9. A number of social media accounts

Do you know that social alerts have an effect on your web site’s SEO? Sure, it’s true, simply take a look on the following illustration by Search Metrics.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques ranking factor u.s

The above illustration exhibits us the significance of social alerts from Fb and Twitter which correlate very strongly with good rankings in Google’s index.

  • The No Of Fb Shares A Web Page Has Acquired Seems To Have The Strongest Affiliation (A Correlation Of 0.37).
  • Twitter Is Much Behind Fb However Continues To Be The Sixth Strongest Issue On Search metrics Checklist Of Google Rating Elements With A Correlation Of 0.25.

So how are you going to reap the benefits of social alerts?

You may create a number of dummy social media accounts to extend your Fb shares, Twitter retweets, Pinterest pins and so on. That’s why it falls beneath grey hat SEO.

In case your content material is of course getting retweets and extra social shares, it comes beneath white hat SEO however once you’re intentionally making an attempt to extend your followers and social shares both by creating a number of social media accounts or shopping for Fb likes, then it’s a grey hat SEO.

Right here’s the way it appears to be like like:

So what do you want?

All you want is to create a number of dummy accounts throughout all main social media websites like Fb, Twitter, Instagram and so on, add bio and an image to start out selling your individual content material.

That means you possibly can immediately get extra Fb shares, Pinterest pins, retweets and so on everytime you publish a brand new article in your web site (you should use social media instruments like Buffer, HootSuite and so on to automate your social media submit scheduling).

This tactic is NOT beneficial if you’re trying to turn out to be an knowledgeable in your business as most individuals can ultimately discover out that you just’re faking your social media presence.

10. build microsites

There are a whole lot of SEO experts who create and build microsites to generate backlinks to the first web sites in an effort to get larger rankings and visitors from search engines like google.

building microsites in an effort to generate links for a major web site comes beneath gray hat SEO approach and if achieved proper it can provide you a whole lot of search engine visibility and in addition high quality backlinks to your major web site with out dishonest Google pointers.

A microsite may be both a person net web page or a set of net pages that acts as a separate entity for an internet site, model or company. A microsite sometimes lives by itself area, however some exist as a subdomain which may work as an extension to a selected model or area.

If you’re questioning about the way to build microsites too rapidly enhance your web site rankings on good Google listed below are few ideas that the majority SEO consultants use.

  • Earlier Than You Begin Building Microsites To Get Extra Links And Visitors To Your Major Websites, Examine The Profitable Microsites To Learn How They Function And Work Effectively In Engines Like Google. Right Here’s A Great List Of Microsites Compiled By Hubspot.
  • Don’t Duplicate Your Content Material. One Of Many Largest Errors Most Individuals Make Whereas Building Microsites Is That They Automate Their Content Material Course Of Both Through The Use Of Automated Content Material Technology Plugins Or Utilizing Duplicate Content Material. Don’t Do It. As A Substitute, Create Distinctive Content Material Which Is Related To Your Major Matter Of Your Web Site (So The Links Will Likely Be Extremely Related And Helps You Enhance Your Web Site’s SEO).
  • Use Correct Webhosting Option To Run Even Your Microsites. We Extremely Recommend Bluehost Hosting Because It Is Likely One Of The Finest Internet Hosting Selections That Gives Velocity, Reliability And Safety.
  • Begin Small Once You’re Simply Beginning Out. Don’t Attempt To Build Too Many Microsites Directly. Begin With 1 Microsite, Take Advantage Of Out Of It After Which Give Attention To Building Extra Microsites To Spice Up Your Major Website’s SEO And Visitors.

There’s one other broadly used approach the place you will get sooner search rankings and let’s speak about it now.

Making small adjustments to your website

Making small adjustments to your web site is what mainly tips Google search crawlers that you just’re updating your web site with newest and contemporary info. It will positively give your web site an SEO enhance as a result of Google loves contemporary and often up to date net pages.

Nevertheless it’s bit dangerous grey hat SEO approach as a result of making small adjustments to your web site too usually can get your web site penalized as a result of Google would possibly see it as suspicious exercise so make sure that NOT to make any frequent adjustments to your web site.

Listed below are few adjustments you may make to get SEO enhance to your web site.

1. Optimizing for click on by way of charges

Indubitably, click on by way of charges play a significant position in getting larger rankings for the keywords that you just wish to rank for. The extra individuals who click on in your outcomes on Google, the higher you’ll rank. It’s so simple as that, so make sure that to enhance your meta description and title tags for high posts.

2. Altering your footer, sidebar or navigation

Altering your web site design often can solely degrade your search engine efficiency however you will get a fast SEO enhance when you make small and higher tweaks to your navigation, menu (by including a search bar, bettering loading occasions and so on) can work like a attraction.

3. Formatting your content material in a greater means

In the event you’re utilizing solely h3 tags inside your subheadings, you possibly can change them to h2 tags (as h2 tags weigh extra in search engine outcomes). These type of small tweaks can positively enhance your content material’s search engine visibility so you possibly can enhance your web site’s SEO with out including any new content material.

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FAQs for Gray Hat SEO Techniques

What are the different types of SEO techniques?

Generally, there are three types of SEO techniques, White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, and Gray hat SEO.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray hat SEO is a combination of both white hat SEO and Black hat SEO practices which may improve your site’s ranking without negative impacts.

What are some famous Gray hat SEO techniques?

Domain grabbing, Increasing your average length of old content, Web 2.0 for building links, usage of PBN, careful keyword stuffing, social bookmarking sites, Link exchange, web directories, multiple social media accounts, build microsites, are some of the best Gray hat SEO techniques.

What is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO?

White hat SEO is all about good SEO practices that obey Google’s rules whereas Black hat SEO includes ugly SEO practices that are risky and may result in your site getting penalized.

Does Black hat SEO Still Work?

Yes, despite Google’s evolving algorithms, some advanced black hat SEO techniques can slip by Google crawlers and thus avoid SEO penalties.


There are not any particular guidelines about how one can rank an site on Google. Sure, there are black hat, white hat, grey hat SEO techniques that you should utilize to get larger rankings on Google.

Nevertheless it’s at all times higher to give attention to these techniques that don’t get you penalized by Google algorithms. That’s the one means you get higher rankings in the long term.

So what do you consider the grey hat search engine marketing techniques talked about right here? Do you could have any extra SEO techniques, ideas or tips in thoughts? Share your ideas within the feedback under.

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