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Have you ever ever puzzled about how one can trick Google to assume that you’re someplace else?

“How to change location on google” you have to know about these words.

Altering the situation in Google Search may be typically a really helpful factor to do – particularly if you’re performing SEO duties like SERP analysis.

SEO experts bring the biggest advantage of changing the location. By changing the location, you can analyze new things in the field of SEO.

Due to this fact, we are going to check out just a few methods of the best way to change location on Google that you are able to do in a matter of seconds.

Localized looking out is meant that will help you discover what you’re searching for quicker, which looks like a good suggestion.

However typically, we wish to see the search results that people see some other place, and whereas we used to have the ability to change our location in Google to allow us to do this, they took this characteristic away a while in the past.

you can also increase your keyword research techniques which help to find the best and most profitable keyword for your blog post.

let’s start our lecture without wasting our time.

Note: When you change the location of Google, Google shows you the pages ranked according to that location, which helps a lot in SEO.

Why should you change your location?

This function was helpful for companies who need to see search outcomes from the place their prospects dwell.

As an example, if I run a business within the United States however I promote issues in Japan, I might need to see the search results for my business and its products because the individuals in Japan see them and be capable of researching these outcomes to see what I may do higher.

you can do your own research on different countries by changing your location. basically, SEO experts use this technique for doing deep keyword research.

I may also simply need to disguise my location from Google and fake that I’m from someplace else to guard my privacy.

However simply because Google won’t allow us to change our location in an apparent method doesn’t imply that it might probably be executed.

Listed below are just a few totally different strategies for easy methods to change location on google and see what different individuals see.

peoples usually choose to make use of totally different places on the web from their actual ones – there are numerous the reason why you must think about changing yours:

  • Location-sensitive searches – for sure search queries, you will need to know the way their SERPs look in a specific region (particularly on the subject of local keywords). Due to this fact, you would possibly contemplate switching to a unique location on Google so as to get hold of extra correct information about your essential keywords and their SERPs.
  • Location-Restricted Content – Many Streaming Providers Or Websites (E.G. YouTube Or Netflix) Forestall Displaying Their Content Material Specifically In Regions. Due To This Fact, It Won’t Be Obtainable To You Along With Your Actual Location Setup.
  • Increased Privacy – Let’s Be Trustworthy, Nothing Is Protected On The Web, Not Even Details About Your Location. If You Need To Stop Websites From Understanding The Place You Might Be, Possibly It’s Time To Do One Thing About It (No Less Than Online).

how to change location on google?

1. Don’t allow websites to see your location

Usually talking, all main internet browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and so on.) have the possibility to block your location for privateness causes.

If you’re utilizing an internet browser like Google Chrome, the method is fairly simple:

1. Hit the three dots within the top-right nook of your display and choose “Settings” from the menu

2. Slap On The “Privacy And Security” Tab From The Settings On The Left And Choose “Site Settings” From The Menu

how to change location on google search

3. Click on the “Location” tab under the “Permissions” menu

4. Click on the location tab and go to “default behaviour” and choose the option “Don’t allow sites to see your location”. from this will block all sites or blogs from accessing your location.

An analogous course could be carried out on different browsers (or units) as properly although the best way finds out how to get to the placement settings could barely differ.

Though this manner is fairly simple and simple, it doesn’t provide you with a lot of worth SEO-wise (since you can not actually see the search results which can be displayed in Google Search from a distinct place).

Apart from this, Google is able to use different sources than your browser when figuring out your location.

2. Manually choose a location for Google

 You Can Also Change Your Google Location With The Help Of Google Maps, Which Is Also The Best Method For Changing Location On Google.

If you want to get extra granular search ends in SERP with a particular location in thoughts, you possibly can manually change the situation in your browser settings:

1. Head over to Google Maps, select the country, metropolis, and even tackle that you just want to use as your location, and right-click on that specific spot.

how to change location on google map

2. Google Maps will present you the precise coordinates of the situation – write them down or just copy them.

3. Go to Google Search and sort the search question that you just want to try from a special place.

4. Open your developer settings – you possibly can both right-click on the display and choose the “Inspect” possibility or just press Ctrl + Shift + I.

5. slap on the three dots subsequent to the “Console” tab on the backside of the panel.

6. Select the “Sensors” option.

7. Within The “Location” Tab, Choose “Other…” Choice And Sort Your Coordinates (Latitude And Longitude) Into Their Traces.

8. back to your SERP page and scroll down to the bottom of the page and slap on the “update location” bar.

after this, you can play with google settings on your browsers and try different locations and coordinate to see how SERPs differ in different places and countries.

Tip: Just remember to allow Google Search to have entry to your location.

If in case you have bought the message “Can’t update your location” in Google Search after attempting to replace your location, you’ll have to give Google permission first:

  1. In your browser, open up the web page
  2. slap on the lock icon proper subsequent to the URL Address bar
  3. Examine (or tick) for the placement permission

Now It Is Possible For You To To See How The SERP For A Particular Search Question Can Look In Several Locations With Customized GPS Coordinates.

3. Use VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is among the hottest companies for altering the consumer location on the web (though in all probability for extra piracy-like and streaming-like causes … wink 😉 )

VPN companies are based mostly on actual servers which can be situated elsewhere on the planet – which means your actual IP handle (in addition to other private information) is hidden from Google. 

By connecting to one of all these servers, you’re just about current in a unique location (and never within the bodily place of your gadget). Due to this fact, you may see completely different search outcomes displayed for the given location.

There are lots of VPN suppliers that may allow you to vary your location on Google – relying on your wants, you may attempt the preferred ones or simply attempt free VPNs that supply restricted entry to their companies or some kind of a trial model.

how to change business address on google

  1. Sign in to your Google my business account (your Google account) which is connected to your business profile.
  2. When you’re on your business profile, head to the top of the page and click Edit profile > Business information.
  3. Then you’ll find the Location tab.
  4. You’ll see the Location and places then the Business location.
  5. Click Edit and enter your address information then click Save.

Benefits of changing location on google

I know you were thinking that what is the need to change the location, we tell you what are the benefits of changing the location on google:

  • you can do high-level keyword research from different countries.
  • you can find the exact keyword search volume.
  • it helps to optimize your business or website for different nations.
  • you can rank your business in a particular country.

FAQs for how to change location on google

what is google location?

google location is a tool with the help of which you can change the location of your google app and google browser.

how to change location on Google chrome?

1. open chrome on your computer.
2. click three dots at the top right corner and go to setting.
3. Click on Privacy and security and go to the site setting.
4. Click on the location and change it to where you want.

why you should change google location

you should change your location because with this trick you can do deep market research from different nations, also you rank your business in any particular country which do you want. most SEO experts use this technique for heavy keyword research.

conclusion how to change location on google

Google is a platform where you can spread your business in a good way, Google gives you the opportunity you can do more research about your business using Google Location in different counties. 

We have told you how you can make good use of Google Location during your research. 

I hope for one thing from you, if I have missed something, then you can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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